Rubber Meets The Road

Date: 09/14/2021

Location: Virtual

Price: $695


This course is designed to examine different operational expenses that you may encounter and show you ways to increase profitability, even by making the smallest change. Learn to decrease your downtime, examine your staffing, understand your billable hour, revenue per employee, and much more. By the conclusion of the course, you will have a detailed analysis of one of your company’s accounts, strategic ways increase its profits, and measures learned to help the continued growth of your company:
  • Material savings!
  • Productivity and down time!
  • Interactive learning with same day applications!


Why Take This Course

Evolve YT’s Supervisor Development Series was developed by a successful entrepreneur who transformed his small family business into a multi-million-dollar company that was acquired by one of the top corporations in the United States. Phil Cooper, Chief Transformation Officer for Evolve YT, created the courses during his time as CEO at Cooper Pest Solutions when they were in dire need of a management program overhaul. Phil decided to conduct research on comparable programs, read leadership books and develop his own internal leadership program to improve his managers. Phil’s vision for the program was to not only develop his current managers but help him determine who his next great leaders would be since the company was struggling to find good managers. The challenging leadership program helped eliminate candidates who weren’t fit for supervisor roles and provided the knowledge, tools and tactics to those who would flourish in the roles. Through the program, Phil was able to successful scale his business within a few short years, secure top talent within his company and had his company acquired by one of the biggest corporations in the United States.